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If you would like to book our Amsterdam Escort Service then please click on the book button and fill in our online form. Alternatively, you can also phone us directly and speak to our friendly phone operator, who will help you through the process.

If you book your Standard Service now, we can have your escort girls with you in as little as 30 minutes.

    What is the Standard Escort Service

    Basically, it is what most men would expect when ordering an escort service in Amsterdam. Our beautiful girls offer both sex and oral as part of the package. Of course, this is a very simple breakdown of the service, and each girl has their own way how they deliver this service which is the exciting part.

    The Escort Service that most men Expect.

    Can I do anything with my Escort

    We get this question quite a lot, and as you can imagine, this is not possible. Many men have all sorts of fantasies and fetishes, and it would not be feasible for the girls to meet these needs for the amount of money being charged. As a result, we provided additional services for those men who fall outside of the norm. In doing so, we can offer a competitive price structure to all parties concerned instead of hiking our prices to meet all customers needs. Even though our customers are often affluent individuals, they still appreciate value for money.

    We tailor our escort packages to suit your needs.

    What Happens if I want more than the Stand Service

    Don't worry, this is quite common, and we have many solutions. If you decide you want something not part of the package during your booking, you can easily bolt on an additional service. For example, anal is not part of the standard package, so you could simply pay for that and effectively extend your service.

    All our Escort Services can be Extended to include more Specialised Services.

    However, we recommend that customers try to establish what they are looking for before the booking. The reason for this is that not all girls perform all services. So to avoid complications understanding what a client wants before the time allows us to match them with the girls that suit their needs.

    Is the Standard Amsterdam Escort Service right for my First Time

    Absolutely yes, this is the perfect escort service for first-timers who have yet to discover what they want from a meeting with an escort. As an escort agency that has dealt with this before, we can confidently say that for most first-timers, this will be the only service they will need. The only exception to the rule is if you are into fetish type services.

    Our Female Escorts are perfect for First-Timers who are new to the Escort Industry.

    That said, we do recommend speaking to our phone operators and asking questions. We help you create the best possible experience, and discussing your needs is the perfect way to do this. Some men find it difficult to discuss such matters. Let us be the first to tell you this is what we do, and there is nothing you can say that we haven't heard before.

    Companion Escorts vs Standard Service Escorts

    Some customers are not looking to have sex but want to spend quality time with a beautiful lady. Because the services are the same price we often recommend booking the Standard Service in this way should you change your position regarding having sex the option is still there and believe us when we say this happens more often than you might think.

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