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If you would like to book our Erotic Amsterdam Massage then please click on the book button and fill in our online form. Alternatively, you can also phone us directly and speak to our friendly phone operator, who will help you through the process.

If you book your Erotic Massage now, we can have your escort girls with you in as little as 30 minutes.

    What is an Erotic Massage?

    Erotic massages help to tooth and relax the body while also focusing on erogenous parts of the body. The main thought behind erotic massages is to provide a relaxing and sexual experience.

    Erotic Massage vs Regular Massage

    Most regular massages are designed to increase blood circulation and remove knotted muscles. For the most part, this activity can be relaxing and is often a way to destress. Many people also find the general massage experience both physically and mentally relaxing.

    Erotic massages also stimulate blood flow and reduce muscle tension, but this is not its primary focus. Erotic massages are designed to make the body aroused and feel sensuous. Unlike a regular massage, the penis and testicles are massaged. Erections are not frowned upon but celebrated, and sexuality is not suppressed but encouraged. Each type of erotic massage and there are many, provide a unique perspective and set of skills to achieve the same result. These variations and differences are all designed to meet the many sexual preferences of men.

    The key differences when getting an Erotic Massage as opposed to a Regular massage is as follows:

    Benefits of an Erotic Massage

    Due to the sexual nature of erotic massages, people often overlook many of the benefits they provide. For many men getting erotic massages in Amsterdam, these sessions are a reset both physically and mentally. Releasing sexual energy helps these individuals remain focused and less distracted from their primal urges, making them calmer and more balanced in everyday life.

    What are the most popular Erotic Massages in Amsterdam?

    The most popular erotic massages in Amsterdam are the Nuru Massage, Tantra Massage and Body to Body Massage. Although these messages are quite different in method, they are similar in terms of their sexuality. These massages were purposely created to arouse and seduce the receiver. It could be argued that these massages are the closest thing that comes to sex. So if you are looking for a sexually exhilarating experience, you can't go wrong with these massages.

    These are the top erotic massages offered in Amsterdam:

    Most Sexually Erotic Massages

    Even though all our massages are considered sexual, a few erotic massages stand out above the rest. The reason for this is that these messages were designed to evoke the arousal process. This is achieved by them being more visually stimulating in both movement and parts of the body they focus on.

    Most Relaxing Erotic Massages

    We don't want to confuse anyone by implying these relaxing massages are not sexual. That being said, these erotic massages are more focused on relaxation with the side benefit of a Happy Ending. One might think of these massages as a combination between a regular massage and an erotic massage. Customers getting an erotic massage in Amsterdam for the first time might want to consider one of these as a good starting point.

    Erotic Massages for Couples

    Erotic Massages for Couples is an excellent way for open-minded couples to take their sexual relationship to another level. Many couples who are considering Swinging will often test the waters with an erotic massage. A couples erotic massage in Amsterdam is, in effect, a threesome. A common approach is for a masseuse to work with one of the partners to please the other. This is also an excellent way for couples to learn new sexual techniques.

    Modern living can be pretty stressful, and couples often take out this tension on each other, which can lead to unhappy relationships. Erotic massages are a perfect way for couples to connect sexually while releasing stress.

    Take your Relationship to the Next Level with a Couples Erotic Massage in Amsterdam

    Another benefit of erotic massages for couples is to help them with foreplay issues. Many women feel neglected in sex because it's too direct and rushed. Erotic massages can be an ideal way to slow things down while not breaking the mood. This can lead to better sex and an overall feeling of wellbeing, and for some couples, this may be a relationship saver.

    What is a Happy Ending Massage

    The term "Happy Ending" refers to when a man climaxes during their erotic massage. Masseuses and Massage Agencies will use this term to inform customers that an erotic massage will end with them ejaculating. Most customers who book erotic massages in Amsterdam expect Happy Endings to be included. For this reason, most massage parlours and services often don't use the term Happy Ending.

    All our Erotic Massages come with Happy Endings

    Happy Endings are typically given by hand, and in some cases, when a condom is used, the masseuse may give the client a blow job to make him cum.

    How to Book an Erotic Massage in Amsterdam

    Booking an erotic Amsterdam massage is very simple. The first thing you need to do is find a masseuse you like. Once you have chosen the perfect massage girl, the next thing to do is decide what kind of massage you want. We recommend reading about all the messages to find the one that best fits your needs. If you are struggling to decide, then a safe bet is to go for the Body to Body massage, which is a favourite amongst most customers.

    Now that you have selected your massage and masseuse, it's time to book your massage. At this point, you should phone the escort agency and place your order.

    The massage agency will require the following information to secure your booking:

    Once the massage agency has all these details, they will confirm your booking. At this point, the booking process is over, and all you need to do is wait for your girl to arrive.

    Meeting your Masseuse in an Amsterdam Hotel

    Typically massage services in Amsterdam will provide you with instructions regarding meeting your masseuse. The two most common methods are meeting at the entrance of the hotel or meeting in your room.

    Due to some hotel policies meeting at the hotel entrance is often the simplest way. In doing so, the client meets the masseuse at the hotel entrance and together, they go to his room. The other common practice is that the masseuse will go to the hotel reception as a guest. She will then ask to meet with you. The reception will phone you in your room to confirm you are receiving a guest, at which point they will provide her with a guest card to come up to you.

    We provide Erotic Massages to Hotels in Amsterdam

    Please note, during the booking process, the massage company has your mobile number and will call you if there are any problems. It is always advisable not to use your hotel number as the contact point as this will not be beneficial if you are waiting at the entrance.

    What to Expected when having an Erotic Massage

    Many men booking an erotic massage for the first time often want to know what happens during the massage. This is a step by step breakdown of the entire session.

    The first thing you need to do is book your massage. Once you have agreed upon a date, time and place, your masseuse will join you. Most erotic massages in Amsterdam occur at hotels, but it is not uncommon for people to book them in residential homes.

    When the masseuse arrives, the first thing that must happen before anything else is the payment. Once the payment has occurred, the girl will inform her agency that everything is okay, and then things will get started.

    The next step is for you and your masseuse to get unchanged. Typically she will tell you to take off your clothes and lie down, at which point she will do the same. It should be pointed out that erotic massage masseuses don't come with a massage table. Instead, they will perform the massage on your bed or wherever you ask them to perform it.

    At this point, she will start performing her erotic massage naked. She will bring everything she needs, for example, massage oils, condoms etc. Most masseuses begin with your back and work their way round to your front. Don't worry if you get an erection during your massage or even when she's getting undressed. This is expected and is in no way offences to her as this is what she is there for.

    When she finally gets to your front, there will come the point when she massages your penis. At this time, she will focus on your penis and masturbation, her goal being to make you cum.

    Once she has made you cum most masseuses will shower and make themselves presentable before leaving.

    Sex and Erotic Massages

    It is common during an erotic massage for clients to ask if they can have sex with their masseuse. However, there are a few things you should know.

    If you are ordering an erotic massage through an escort agency, the girl will usually tell you the additional cost. You will first need to pay her before things progress. It's a good idea if you think you may want to have some cash close by not to break the mood too much.

    If you are ordering through a pure massage service, your chances are reduced somewhat but not significantly. Just be aware that although most erotic masseuses do offer sex, it is not a given. Therefore, it is always good to ask the massage agency if these services are available and what the additional cost will be should you want the service.

    In all cases, don't be afraid to ask the masseuse for sex if this is what you want. In the rare chance she does not provide this service, she will politely refuse and be sure this is not her first time having to do so. Often when masseuses don't offer sex, they can arrange for another girl to take over.

    How to Behave During an Erotic Massage

    Many men booking an erotic massage for the first time are often confused about what they can and cannot do. The first thing to remember is that an erotic massage is a sexual experience, so getting aroused and physical touch is part of the program. That being said, you are getting an erotic massage, not your masseuse. Light touching from you is acceptable, but anything probing would not be appropriate. Masseuses will often invite men to touch parts of their body, such as their ass or breasts. Depending on the massage, the masseuse will be rubbing her body all over you.

    Getting the most out of your masseuse is much simpler than people realise, and when your masseuse is happy, you will reap the benefits. Before your massage, take a shower and splash on some cologne. There is nothing more pleasing for a masseuse than working on a clean canvas. Remember, she is going to be all over your body, so being clean is a must. Secondly, be respectful at all times. There is nothing worse than a rude customer. Bad manners will certainly not win you any favours. Last but not least, always have your money ready and don't hackle with the price. If you are looking for discounts, this should be decided before the booking, not with your masseuse.

    If you have any disagreements with your masseuse or are confused about a service, please phone the massage agency as they will be able to clear up any matters.

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