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If you would like to book our Duo Amsterdam Escort Service then please click on the book button and fill in our online form. Alternatively, you can also phone us directly and speak to our friendly phone operator, who will help you through the process.

If you book your Duo Escort Service now, we can have your escort girls with you in as little as 30 minutes.

    What are Duo Escort Girls

    Duo escorts are girls that work together to provide a threesome service. In other words, the customer can sleep with both girls. Essentially the service is providing the ultimate threesome experience that most men dream about.

    Why Men Love Threesomes

    I don't think it takes much imagination to understand why men want to be with multiple women simultaneously. Allot has to do with feeling powerful and being the king of the jungle. But probably the biggest attraction is the forbidden nature of the experience. Let's be frank most women are not chopping at the bit to be part of a threesome which makes this very rare in everyday life. It is so rare that 90 per cent of men will never experience this in their entire lives.

    90% of men will never experience a threesome.

    Benefits of Duo Escort Service

    The first thing to say about the Duo escort service is that it is not just a fancy way to book two escorts. Our girls are high-class call girls who know how to please a man and when you put two of them in the same room with one man, what you get is a sensory overload.

    Crazy college parties or swinging experiences do not compare with the duo experience. It would be like comparing the minor leagues with the majors - a vast difference in skills and professionalism.

    Duo Amsterdam escort girls are far better than a regular threesome.

    What makes the threesome provided by the Duo Service so exciting is the sensations you get when you have sex with multiple women. Switching between them and the change in feeling is fantastic. Additionally, the visual experience is doubled; no matter where you look, you see naked bodies. Finally, having two female escorts pleasing you allows them to do physically impossible things versus just one girl. Which means you will feel sensations that you have not experienced before. Best of all, every time of have such an experience, it will be unique because no two girls produce the same results.

    What to Expect when booking a Duo Escorts in Amsterdam

    Look, every booking is different, and the experience changes depending on the girls you book. That being said, as a general overview, your girls will working together to create a pleasurable experience unique to you. Typically they will quickly gauge what triggers you, and then as a team, they will set on working to fulfilling your desires. As part of this booking, you can fully engaged with both girls.

    Being with our Duo escort girls is when one plus one equals three.

    What's good about the duo experience is that each girl has specialised skills, and with coordination between themselves, they can deliver the ultimate sexual experience. Essentially this means you get the best out of the girls where one plus one equals three.

    Escort Service that work well with the Duo Service

    Almost all escort services in Amsterdam work well with our Duo Service. That said, here are a few services that customers often include.

    Please Note: some additional services may come at an extra cost. We, therefore, advise customers to always confirm before their booking what services they want to be included. This will ensure that we, as an escort agency, can provide you with the appropriate girls.

    Girl on Girl Action and Bisexual Escorts

    Often when men book a threesome, they want some girl on girl action. This is not a problem, depending on how far they expect the girls to go. It is essential to understand that most escorts in Amsterdam are not bisexual or lesbian. This means that girls can put on a show but will not go down on each other. If you are looking for this in particular, then we suggest you make a point of highlighting this during your booking.

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