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If you would like to book our Couples Escort Service then please click on the book button and fill in our online form. Alternatively, you can also phone us directly and speak to our friendly phone operator, who will help you through the process.

If you book your Couples Service now, we can have your escort girls with you in as little as 30 minutes.

    What is a Couples Escort Service

    Couples escort service is essentially a threesome. One of our escorts will join you and your partner for a three-way sexual experience. The goal is to please both of you and to create an inclusive atmosphere.

    What to Expect During a Couples Service in Amsterdam

    There are no hard and fast rules with how a couples service is performed. Instead, it is unique for all couples, and our escorts take their cues from the couples themselves.

    Our Couples Escort Service is an Inclusive Experience.

    Typically there are two prominent scenarios that couples often want. Either women want our girls to please their men and watch with some participation. The other scenario is men want our escorts to please their women and for them to be involved. But usually, it slants one of these directions.

    Why Couples are having Threesomes

    With the sexual liberation of modern times, many couples are looking to expand their sexual appetite. Open-minded couples wanting to spice up their sex lives include additional people to add a new dimension.

    Book an Escort for Couples to Spice up your Sex Life.

    How Threesomes can Improve a Couples Sex Life

    Couples who have been together for some time can often find themselves in a sexual rut. This can lead to predictable sex lives and can quickly become dull. Furthermore, when couples face other challenges in their relationship, having a lousy sex life only aggravates the situation. Having a threesome can often provide the necessary injection of passion and new ideas for both parties.

    Inject Passion into your Relationship with our Couples Escort Service in Amsterdam.

    Introducing an escort into the couples experience will often show couples new techniques and offer them a fresh perspective on what pleases their partners.

    Warning before booking am Escort Couples Service

    Before you and your partner decide to book a couples escort service, you should both be in complete agreement. Do not make the mistake of entering this experience on a whim, especially if you are not an open-minded person. Sharing your partner requires a certain mindset and should not be treated lightly. Indulging in a threesome for the wrong reasons can be emotionally damaging and even destroy a relationship.

    Never have a Threesome unless you are Completely Sure.

    Couples Escort Service vs Swinging

    Confusing swinging with a couples escort service is a common mistake. These two experiences are very different. Our threesome service is an inclusive experience that brings couples together. Swinging is an entirely different ball game. Even though you and your partner are in close proximity, you are not working together but rather engaging in separate sexual activities. Another key difference is the escorts for couples are professionals who are paid to perform a service. They are, in effect, a toy for couples to use and thus do not pose the risk of forming emotional attachments, which cannot be said about swinging.

    Alternative Escorts Services for Couples

    If you feel that the couples escort service is a bridge too far and you are not quite ready for such an undertaking, you may consider an erotic couples massage. Our couples massage is a great way to get into the whole threesome vibe while still having a few boundaries. Of course, the erotic massage for couples is by no means innocent, but at least it's not all the way. We think this is a great alternative and a good starting point for novice couples.

    Another great idea for couples is to look into our Amsterdam Party Girls. Often couples visiting Amsterdam find themselves a little lost at night. Being in a city, you don't know that well makes things even more challenging. This is where our party girls come in. They will go directly to your hotel and will party with you for as long as you want. Best of all, if you and your partner are feeling frisky, you can take things to the next level; it's your choice.

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