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These are some of the reviews customers have left when booking escorts in Amsterdam. If you would like to see specific reviews for particular escorts, please look at their profiles. If you would like to leave a review, please contact us and let us know how your experience went.

  • Andrew

    Had a wonderful time with this little gem. Very charmming girl with super relaxed personality.


    24 May 2022 in Amsterdam

  • Sven

    After years of comming to Amsterdam and booking girls I've never had such a good connection with an escort.


    23 May 2022 in Amsterdam

  • Henry

    This girl know how to party, you don't want to know what my minibar bill was 😃 - Diana, 5 stars girl!!


    22 May 2022 in Amsterdam


Amsterdam Escort Services

These are our primary escort services in Amsterdam. That being said, try to remember that this is only a guide to help you find the service that best matches your fantasy. Nothing is set in stone, and we will adapt our offering to suit your needs.

  • Amsterdam Escort Service

    Our standard escort service is our most commonly booked service. This is because it offers all the features most men want when looking for some adult fun. Book one of our female escorts directly to your hotel or private home in as little as 30 minutes.

  • Erotic Amsterdam Massage

    We provide an extensive Amsterdam erotic massage service. Our masseuses offer all the erotic massages any stressed-out man could want. All massages come with Happy Endings, perfect for those that need to relax and sexually release. So if you are looking for a relaxing time with a beautiful girl, pick up the phone and book your erotic massage.

  • Couples Escort Service

    For couples looking for an escort experience that includes both of them, then the Amsterdam couples escort service is made for you. Our lovely ladies will provide you and your partner with the perfect threesome. Allowing you to explorer your sexual side in ways you might not have previously thought about. This service and be sexually liberating and provide a new lease on your sex lives.

  • Duo Amsterdam Escort Service

    For as long as men have been alive, sleeping with two women has been the number one fantasy. So it goes without saying that our Duo escort service is extremely popular. If you have not had the chance to be with multiple women, we encourage you to book our high-class girls and fulfil your dreams.

  • A-Level Escort Service

    A-Level, or as it's commonly known, Anal Sex, is still today a taboo subject. Even though anal sex is a forbidden subject to many, it has not stopped it from gaining popularity. If you are looking to see what all the fuss is about, then give us a call and book one of our lovely a-level escorts in Amsterdam.

    €160 + 100
  • Amsterdam BDSM Service

    Our escort agency offers a full BDSM escort service providing various fetish disciplines. Our kinky Amsterdam girls offer Bondage, Domination and Sadomasochism, to name a few. We also tailor all our BDSM services to suit our clients needs perfectly. So if you feel that your needs are not being met and something is missing in your life, then give us a call, and we will change this together.

    €160 + 50
Payment Methods

There are several ways you can pay for your escort. The prefered method is cash, and this is because there are no technical hurdles. You can also pay with other major currencies. Please note: if you pay with a currency other than Euros, there will be a conversion fee.

How to pay for an Amsterdam Escorts
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Escort Bookings

Booking an escort with us could not be easier. All it requires you to do is pick up the phone and give us a call. Our friendly phone operator will guide you through the process, which only takes a few moments. You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions about our girls or the escort services they provide.

  • Your location
  • Date and Time of your booking
  • The service you want to receive

What is the definition of an escort?

Amsterdam escorts are women who provide companionship for money. There are thousands of independent escorts across Amsterdam and Holland who offer such services. However, not all services are equal. Before understanding what an escort is, you must understand what it is not. Our escorts are not hookers seen in movies, and you will not find these types of girls on our website.

Historically, prostitution was a far more crude business than it is today. Hookers would typically walk the streets of Amsterdam, hoping to get picked up by customers, which is still the case in some countries. This is no longer the case for escorts in Amsterdam who now operate very differently. When prostitution in Holland became legal, it allowed the industry to become more mainstream. These changes enabled adult services to develop into more professional businesses, giving rise to what we now think of as the modern-day escort.

The escort girls Amsterdam has to offer provide a classy and elegant service. Ladies are well dressed and perfectly suited for all occasions. In others words, onlookers would not think these girls were Hookers, rather refined women. Being an Amsterdam call girl is offering customers a high-class companion service, which means they need to be well mannered, intelligent and above all, discrete. It is not unusual that clients build long term meaningful relationships with their favourite female escorts. For bachelors or businessmen with limited time, the high class escort can be the difference between happy and sad.

In summary, the difference between escorts and hookers is that escorts offer a more rewarding and fulfilling experience. Essentially they provide more than just a sexual service but the entire package.

Making an escort booking?

We have an extensive collection of the best escorts in Amsterdam available for outcall escort services. All the girls have their own profile page. Within these escort profiles, you will find all the necessary information about the girls to help you decide. Profile information is kept up to date and relevant.

Bookings can be made at short notice (within 30 minutes) or in advance. Once you have been through all the profiles, it is advisable to pick a couple of choices. Having more than one choice will help speed up your booking if your first choice is not available.

We make it easy for you to book escort Amsterdam girls

To help customers through the booking process, we have trained receptionists who will help you step by step. Our receptionists know all the girls personally and can answer any questions you must have about the escort services on offer or anything else. Additionally, our receptionists also provide advice, suggestions and answer questions about services.

Your receptionist will be your contact point throughout the booking process until the girl has met with you. She will keep you updated with arrival times, delays or anything else you may need to know.

Why Customers Book our Girls

Like any industry in the world, escort services can be a hit and miss affair, often leading to disappointment. With so many escort agencies in Amsterdam to choose from, it can be challenging to find a reliable service. Customers are often overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices which often results in picking any agency, and this is where the problems start.

Our clients are typically businessmen or tourists who are looking for some adult fun. They expect a problem-free professional service, and they rely on our help to make this possible. One of the big drawcards we have is our ability to help customers find girls that suit both their needs and the girls' wishes. This approach allows us to find the best possible matches, which produces memorable experiences.

About our Girls

What makes our escort agency unique in Amsterdam is that we have put a lot of effort into finding really nice girls, and we don't just mean physically. Let's face it, there are many beautiful escort Amsterdam girls, but as they say, beauty is skin deep. For a really great time, you need something more, and it is this more that we focus on.

What we have done is find girls that meet specific criteria for certain types of men. For example, some men want a bubbly girl with high energy that will raise the roof. While other men are looking for something more calm and relaxing. Then there are those shy men who need a girl who will help lead them without making them feel awkward.

This approach to our escort selection enables us to match the right girls with the right customers, and in doing so, we can build long-lasting relationships with our clients. It also means our girls enjoy their work more and, in turn, offer a better escort service. This trust between client, girl and agency is our recipe for success.

Why do female escorts love working for us?

Since the beginning, we have run our Amsterdam escort agency with professionalism and integrity, often not seen in the escort industry. This has made us very popular amongst many female escorts who are looking for a stress-free environment. Many escort agencies in Amsterdam do not provide ideal working conditions for their girls. As a result, our approach has attracted girls who we believe offer a better high class escort service and who are better suited for the types of clients we serve.

Sadly, many people see the escort industry as it's depicted in Hollywood and the media. Although there is an element of truth to this, it is not the case in all situations. Many females choose to work as callgirls to pay for studying or starting a business in modern times. Escorts with good reputations are in high demand, which can be lucrative. It is not uncommon to see law students, doctors or even nurses moonlighting as escorts to reduce student loans and start their careers debt-free.

Many girls in Amsterdam moonlight as high class escorts

In summary, this all translates to happy working girls who provide unique escort services in Amsterdam. These services are greatly valued by our customers, who benefit from the diversity and quality of our girls.

Escort Locations

Most of our girls are in Amsterdam central because it is by far the busiest location in Holland. This means we can provide fast and reliable services to clients looking to book escorts in Amsterdam on short notice. But of course, not all clients are located in Amsterdam, and we are well aware of this. For those customers outside of Amsterdam, for example, Schiphol, we provide transportation for our girls free of charge to and from you.

Free taxi service for all Amsterdam escort bookings

One should not forget Holland is a small country, and most major cities such The Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Schiphol are less than 1 hours drive away from Amsterdam. So the long and short of it is that no matter where you are staying, we will provide you with one of our female escorts.

Incall and Outcall Amsterdam Escorts

When booking escort Amsterdam girls, you have two options for meeting, incall and outcall. These options signify whose location you will meet at. Incall escorts provide accommodation which means you go to their house for the meeting. Outcall escorts are the opposite, meaning they come to your place of residence.

Although Amsterdam escorts provide both services, we have made a choice not to offer incall services. Unlike other countries, sex workers are legal and regulated in the Netherlands. What this means is we can provide escort bookings to hotels without any problems. In doing so, we avoid all the issues associated with clients travelling around a city they don't know, especially at night. Moreover, we have learnt that customers are far more relaxed in their own environment, leading to a better experience.

We offer a high class Amsterdam escort service to hotels

But of course, many tourists and businessmen often feel uneasy booking high class escorts to their hotels. Allow us to address this issue. Firstly, all our girls are discreetly dressed and low key, meaning they don't draw attention. We are very aware that clients do not want to advertise what they are doing. Secondly, when our girls come to your hotel, they come as guests and behave as such. For any onlookers, they are just a friend coming to visit you, nothing more, nothing less.

Understanding Amsterdam Escort Services

All call girls in Amsterdam working for an escort agency provide a list of services they perform. Usually, these are services they like to do. Some of the services are common amongst the girls, and some are specialised. When it comes to specialised services, you must have the right girl for the job. Although the escort profiles list the services, they offer these are only an indication. From time to time, girls will decide not to perform certain services.

For this reason, it is important not to assume girls will do the sexual services you want. It is crucial to remember escorts are self-employed and their own bosses, which means they decide what and when they want to do things. Because of this, we advise customers to discuss what services they want before meeting with the girls. Doing it this way allows us to organise the appropriate girls that will satisfy your needs and avoid any disappointment.

Always makes sure your female escorts offer the services you looking for

All escort agencies in Amsterdam break their services down into the following basic categories standard services, specialised services and couple services.

Standard Escort Services

The standard escort service is probably the service most people understand and which most men book. It lasts one hour and includes sex and oral and, of course, the foreplay that goes along with that. Some customers choose the extend this to more hours, in which case the focus is on having fun and a good time. All escorts working for an agency will provide this service, so there is no need to check. Many customers often want more than the standard service once they have spent some time with the girl. In such cases, the booking will be adapted to the client's new requests, resulting in further payment for the new escort service. If the client wants a service that the escort he is with does not offer and is not fixated on his companion, then a new girl can be delivered to him or even join the party as a threesome (duo). The Standard Escort Service is a base service that can easily be upgraded for those wanting something more or different.

We don't include all sexual services in the price because it would make the base price more expensive, which would not be cost-effective for those wanting something more standard.

Specialised Escort Services

Specialised escort services are typically anything that falls outside of the standard service. In most cases, these escort services come at a price, usually fixed prices and are not paid hourly. Prices can range from as little as €50 to €200, depending on what is being asked. In some cases, escorts will waiver certain specialised service costs when the client has made a long booking of multiple hours, but this is at the girl's discretion.

What is important to remember about specialised services is that no girl will perform all these services. So it is essential to discuss the services you want before making your booking. Even if you think services like GFE, COB, or foot fetishes are routine, take our advice and don't take the chance.

Couples Escort Services

The final category is for couples. Oddly enough, many customers think this service is the easiest, and all girls will do it. This, unfortunately, could not be further from the truth. The female element of the service often crosses boundaries for many escorts; as a result, girls who are prepared to satisfy both men and women are required. We know the many escort agencies often try to fool customers by having their female escort focus on the man, which, surprisingly enough, usually works. We, on the other hand, prefer to do things differently and provide a full service that will satisfy all customers.

Amsterdam Adult Services

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